Klaus Malorny's Virtual Railways Pages
So you found my litte home page. Please note that it is not intended as a portal to the railway simulation scene. Therefore you won't find any links to other sites, any news, any blogs or whatever unless I consider them indispensable. Updates are done as needed and not on a regular basis.
Auran Trainz Railroad Simulator (TRS).
While working with Trainz, I started quite a lot of projects. However, only a few made it for release. These are:
  • German light signals (unscripted)
  • German catenary
  • German semaphore signals (scripted)
  • TrackView rule
Please visit the Downloads for Trainz page to download these assets.
Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow.
After the conflicts with Auran and later on with the community, I decided to cease all my activities regarding Trainz. Although I have gained a relaxed position to the story in the meantime, I currently do not have any plans to revive my involvement.
I also dropped my original plan to turn to Kuju RailSimulator. Shortly after I bought it, it became clear that this product in no way meets my expectations. Behind the pretty graphics there's a deep lack of functionality that makes up a real railway simulator. At the end, it is simply a rather boring game.
So for now, don't expect any new content from me.