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Downloads for Auran Trainz
German Catenary Construction Kit
This is my first package, which I created for Trainz 1.0. It consists of about 160 objects and allows the construction of a much more prototypical catenary than what was possible with the objects available at that time. However, this plus has also has a large drawback: It can be quite exhausting to build catenary with it. At least, you should carefully review the documentation so that you know what all the pieces are for.

Version Description Download
Objects (pylons, wires, cross spans, tensioning assemblies etc.), packaged as a CDP archive
Documentation for the construction of the catenary (also suitable for 0.8.4), HTML files packaged as a ZIP archive
German Light Signals (unified design of 1969)
These were the first light signals that were available for Trainz. At the time I designed them, Trainz was unable to script signals. This fact, combined with the internal signal system being focused on the British signalling concepts, disallowed me to implement a prototypical behaviour. Also, being a texturizing novice back then, I mostly used simple colors for the signals.
An update for the signals was planned, not regarding textures, but regarding prototypical behaviour. However, I have cancelled this project.

Version Description Download
Objects (entry, exit and block signals with and without distant signals, separate distant and repeater signals, low and high shunting signals, beacons), packaged as a CDP archive
Documentation, includes types and mappings from Trainz extended signal states to shown aspects, HTML files packaged as a ZIP archive
German Semaphore Signals (animated)
This is a set of animated semaphore signals. Using the scripting capabilities of Trainz, the signals can be edited to change the shown aspect depending on the state of junctions. The configuration is straight forward, no documentation is provided.

Version Description Download
Objects (two and three aspect home signals, both in lattice and flat variants, three different versions of distant signals, shunting signal (high), home signals combined with shunting signals, beacons and distant boards (both aged)), packaged as a CDP archive
TrackView Rule
This rule displays an additional head-up display in Driver showing the next switches, signals, speed signs, trackmarks and industries as well as other trains on the track. Switches in front of the train can be toggled. The camera can be set on other trains and industries by clicking on the symbols. In Surveyor, the display can be configured in various ways. English and German are supported.

Version Description Download
TrackView Rule

Please review the license terms under which you may use the assets.